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Spaculus Software are an offshore software development company, providing innovative and comprehensive software solutions to global businesses across the world.

Spaculus had partnered with an Irish sales representitive, who was showcasing their services at theĀ Web Summit. They approached me to create a motion graphics animation to help showcase and promote these services for display at the Summit, but also on a new landing page targeted at their Irish customer base.

Spaculus Software

The part I played

My Role

Motion Graphics Design

Storyboarding & Conception


The brief was to create a motion graphics animation showcasing the different industries that Spaculus offer services in, while showcasing some of their higher profile work. Their key focus was on mobile app development, so the animation would involve showcasing mobile screens along with visual representations of their services in a fast-paced yet informative manner.

I worked as the sole motion graphics designer on the project and was given full creative control over the visual style and animation of the video. Spaculus provided a list of their services and some text and I created the storyboards, all illustrations from scratch and full motion graphics.


The Visual Motion Design

I used the blue square of the Spaculus logo to create the motion design of the project. Squares and triangles wiping across the screen in different colours create vibrant transitions, while animated motion graphics inform the viewer of the services offered in different industries, all the while keeping visual interest.

Several versions of the video were made, showcasing different combinations of services and highlighted work. Different versions were created at different aspect ratios also, optimised for desktop and mobile screens, and CSS media queries were used to determine the best version to display on the Spaculus landing page, depending on the screen size being used.


The Motion Graphics

Below are a selection of some of the many motion graphics I created for the various incarnations of the Spaculus Software video: