Motion Graphics Videos for NIPC Virtual Conference

Understanding the


The National Institute for Prevention and Cardiovascular Health (NIPC) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. Every year, NIPC runs the National Prevention Conference, where attendees can join leading global experts in cardiovascular disease prevention and get the latest insights into the future of Prevention and Cardiovascular Health.

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The part I played

My Role

Motion Graphics Design


The brief was to create a video utilising motion graphics that would serve as promotional advertising for the conference in the lead up to the event. This video would be expanded on to create a video that would be shown at the opening of the conference. Shortened versions of this video would also serve as intros and outros for a series of pre-recorded sessions. One other video was also required, showcasing the various activities operated by the NIPC tht would be shown during the conference, but would also need to work as a standalone video for future events.

I was provided text storyboards by the client and given full creative control over the creation of the motion graphics and conception of the visual and motion design of the films. I created the final edits on all videos for the series.


The Promo / Opening Video

The promotional video was used to advertise and showcase all that the conference had to offer. I incorporated the existing branding and incorporated hexagons throughout the motion design of the video. I created a series of transitions using a geometric array of hexagon shapes that allowed for masking and revealing of two different clips. I also presented the speakers, tagline and other elements within growing and linking hexagons. The video is very fast-paced to convey the volume of topics and discussions taking place throughout the two days. The promotional video was expanded on to display the session agenda for each day and shown at the beginning of each day of the conference to all attendees.

Meet the NIPC

NIPC Showcase Video

This video was created as part of the NIPC National Prevention Conference in 2021, but intended for use as a standalone video outside of the conference setting to showcase the activities offered by the organisation. I was provided a text script and used motion graphics as a means of visually communicating the broad activities offered by NIPC.

The video is split into two sections: Education and Research. The colour scheme, typography and even photo content used to introduce each section mirror those used on the website for each section. This was to bring familiarity to the video for those who had already visited the website (which in this case would have been all attendees, who would have registered using the website), but also to establish a hierarchy in the text-heavy content of the video, while maintaining the branding of NIPC.

The video used motion and an intentional mix of static photos and video content to break up the text content and showcase the broad offerings of the NIPC in a visually interesting and stimulating way.