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idonate provides tools for both charities and fundraisers to help them raise vital funds. idonate operates primarily as an online fundraising platform, where users can create their own page to promote their fundraising event, allowing family and friends to donate directly to their chosen charities.

idonate also provides a number of SaaS products and hosted fundraising solutions, such as their Virtual Fundraising Events that became so important during the COVID-19 lockdown and an Online Raffle Creator. Idonate allows charities to collect fundraising revenue through the idonate platform or directly through their own websites also.

I was approached by the founders of idonate to, as part of a larger UX redesign of their platform, also give their brand identity a refresh, communicating the values and mission of the organisation in a visual manner.

idonate needed to refresh their brand identity to communicate the values and mission of the organisation in an effective visual manner.

The part I played

My Role

Logo design

Brand identity

Graphic design

I served as the sole graphic designer on the project, with full management of the project from the very beginning.

As well as creating the concept and visual design of the new logo for idonate, I also created a full brand identity, with colour scheme, typography and brand guidelines.

The project also involved the creation of other visual assets to further cement the new brand identity into the idonate platform, in the form of illustrated icons and other graphical assets.

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Logo Design

The idonate logo and visual identity redesign went through many iterations, and each design concept was tested with a group of users for feedback.

The early concepts looked at keeping the existing colour scheme and logo elements, which had established themselves over the years, but change the wordmark to all lowercase. “iDonate” has connotations of (dated) technology, rather than giving. Instead the focus was on a differentated “i” to bring it back to reading as “I donate”, where the platform is giving the user the tools to fundraise.

idonate Logo Redesign - Early Concepts

Early concepts

After some client interaction and feedback from users, it was mutually decided to move forward, away from the ribbon icon and the red colour scheme. The deep red colour used could bring about connotations of “warning” rather than “empathy”, so it was decided to use a mosre pastel green colour, which brings about thoughts of “charity”, “growth”, “success” and “rejuvenation”, making it a great choice for an organisation focused around raising money for charities and causes.

As idonate’s original visual identity was quite dated, it was decided to simplify the new logo, reflecting on the simplification of the new overall design of the brand. We toyed with using a wordmark on it’s own, but found that a logomark was needed for Social Media, etc.

I devised a simple solution to incorporate a logomark within the wordmark, which could also work as a standalone icon. Two overlapping circles signifying fundraisers and charities and a heart symbol where they come together: on idonate. This logomark replaced the “o” of idonate, and the new visual idendity of idonate was born:


Brand Identity

A full brand identity was outlined for idonate, along with guidelines to establish consistency, conventions and visual recognition around the new brand.


Icon Design & Illustration

The redesign of the idonate web platform would involve showcasing the many features of idonate in a more visual way, so to convey this, I designed a number of icons that would be used throughout the site.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

Irish Owned Fundraising Platform
idonate App
Safe and Secure
Become a Fundraising Champion
No Fees
Custom Built Features
Team Fundraising
Raise Funds for Multiple Causes
Fast and Easy Setup
Integrates with Fitness Apps
No Hidden Charges
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It was discovered during user testing and depth interviews that joy and celebration was greatly missing throughout the site. In order to bring some celebration back, I created a number of animations that were integrated into the site using Lottie.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Bodymovin, Lottie