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Croí MySláinte is a 12-week Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme. The programme gives participants and families the information, support and advice needed to return to everyday life post a cardiovascular event.

The Croí team were presenting the results of the programme to their funders and requested an animated videos highlighting the positive results of three individuals who had taken part in the programme. The brief was to present their stories visually, while highlighting the results of the programme with some facts along the way.

Other facts and charts were also animated to be used in the presentation in order to visually represent the outcomes more effectively than using static images and data.

Croi MySlainte

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Motion Graphics Design



The brief was to use the real-life stories of three individuals who had taken part in the programme and create an animation to visually represent the narration of each story. Motion graphics were incorporated into the animation with the inclusion of animated facts and charts.

I worked as the sole animator and motion graphics designer on this project, working on a script provided by the client. Storyboarding was collaborative between the client and myself with the visual design and animation style designed by me.


The Animation