Croí Couch to Wild Atlantic Way – Motion Graphics and Editing

Understanding the


Croí’s Couch to Wild Atlantic Way is a challenge of 6 weeks, in which participants virtually walk or run a coastal area around the Wild Atlantic Way, by running or walking in their local area every day. Participants track their location on the stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way on an iDonate page.

This was the first virtual version of this type of event for Croí, forced by the global pandemic, and they wanted to create a promotional video to increase signups and inform the public of how it works.

Couch to WAW Logo

The part I played

My Role

Motion Graphics Design

Storyboarding & Conception


Due to the global pandemic, shooting on location was an impossibility. So it was decided to use existing footage and motion graphics to create a promotional video that would run for a month before the event. The video would need to have several different aspect ratios to adapt to different platforms (e.g. desktop, mobile, Instagram, etc.)

The film was aimed at all ages and abilities and inclusivity was to be at the forefront at all times.

I worked as the sole motion graphics designer on the project and was given full creative control over the visual style and animation of the video. I sourced any footage that was needed, created all motion graphics, rotoscoping, editing and grading.


The Promotional Video

I used rotoscoping techniques combined with motion graphics to “embed” the text graphics into the video footage. Animated graphics of the route along the Wild Atlantic Way was overlaid over footage of the Wild Atlantic Way. The editing was designed to be fast-paced, vibrant and energetic, coming in at just under 60 seconds, which was a requirement for posting on Instagram.

The film was very well received by the team at Croí and the general public and an edited version of the same video is planned to be used again the following year.


The Motion Graphics

Below are a selection of the motion graphics I created for the video: