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Alan Travers Web Design Galway Graphic Design


Web Design Galway

UX / UI Web Design

Beautiful, bespoke, user-centered design for the web.

UX Research

Discover the potential of your website by understanding the standards set by your competitors and where they fall behind.

Get an insight into the behaviours, expectations and frustrations of your users with expert research, identifying and solving problems before development.

UI Design

Turn your ideas into a design.

Taking findings from UX research, competitive benchmarking and identifying and understanding your requirements, your vision becomes a reality with a unique user interface (UI) website design. Built for your users, with your vision at heart.

Website Development & Hosting

All taken care of.

Hosting & Initial Setup

I provide secure, fast and reliable hosting for your website and I’ll take care of all the setup of your new site from domain registration to server setup.

If you’re moving from an existing setup, I can offer maintenance or migration to our hosting, so you’re covered either way.

Web Development & Support

As well as designing your new web project, I’ll take care of the build. I build my sites using the industry-leading framework, WordPress and take care of all of the hard work in bringing your web design to life.

After your site goes live, I won’t leave you high and dry! I offer support and maintenance to ensure your site is kept up to the high standard that it started off with.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for print, motion or the web.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

I’ve designed logos for many local startups and I’ve refreshed and rebranded prominent existing organisations.

I can provide your business or organisation with everything you need from a logo to colour template and all the marketing materials you’ll need to let your customers know who you are and what you’re about.

Print Design

I’ve created designs for every print from the size of a stamp to banners the size of a building. Get your message delivered visually with a banner, infographic, brochure, sticker or whatever takes your fancy.

Graphic Design for the Web

All of my web designs have the benefit of including bespoke graphic design elements, to make sure that your web project is unique and stands out from the crowd.

Animated Graphics

Ever clicked a “like” button and seen a quick little animation of a heart appear for a second? Bring your website to life and give your website users some feedback with animated graphics tied to micro-interactions.

Animated graphics on user micro-interactions are proved as the most effective means of giving feedback to your users on their actions.

Film Production, Editing & Animation

Award-winning film production services.

Film Production

We love nothing more than shooting films. We’ll arrange everything for you, from storyboarding your idea, to filming, lighting, sound production – the lot. Almost anything is possible from mesmerizing timelapses to stunning drone footage, and we like to shoot your film with as little fuss and little disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Editing & Post-Production

If you don’t have the timeframe or the budget to shoot your own footage, we can source footage for you and use the power of editing to create your story. If you have some existing footage, but it’s not up to standard, we can grade it, fix sound issues, upscale without loss of quality and edit your footage into something spectacular.


We love to bring things to life. Our stop-motion animations have won awards in International Film Festivals and have attracted millions of viewers across the world. We’ve had a blast working with top international brands, creating fun stop-motion animations and we always jump at the chance to make some more!

Motion Graphics

We like to mix our graphic design skills with our animation skills to create exciting motion graphics. Motion graphics can help tell your story in a visually stunning way, capturing your audience’s attention more effectively than any other means.

Video Conferencing Post-Production

Video conferencing has never been more important. Organisations now hold online virtual video conferences, and the quality of these streams can be quite poor at times. We can provide post-production services to clean up audio, editing, picture quality enhancing tools and motion graphic video intros, outros and title overlays to help your video conference stand out from the others.

Get Creative!

Maybe you just want to create something unique for the hell of it! A music video for your band, an ad for your podcast, a short film idea that’s been in your head for the last five years.

We’re always looking to collaborate on projects with like-minded creatives. If you want to create something together, just get in touch!


I’ve been in operation since 2014 and I’ve worked on hundreds of projects with lots of different organisations across many different industries.

Let’s start working on your project!