I saw this video for The Peach Kings’ “Lonely” on Vimeo’s Staff Picks and was so taken aback by it, that I had to watch it several times. Paul Trillo‘s great directorial debut is a lot more than “invisible people in lycra suits” as he puts it (although they do feature heavily!)

I love the simple idea behind this and the way in which it is executed to perfection. The panning camera moves in “one single shot” as people in chromakey suits (think “Greenman” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) become invisible, showing the New York skyline behind them. The most striking visual for me is the guitarist, perched on the edge of the building roof, wearing a trilby. The gorgeous colour grading of the sky helps greatly to the video.

The real wow-factor for me is the panning camera movement. I still can’t figure out how this shot is possible with the frequent multiple composites of the lead singer and various invisible guys. My only guess is either a computer-controlled panning camera, shot over-and-over or perhaps some sort of VFX trickery that is far beyond me.

Regardless, a fantastic music video – I haven’t been this impressed since seeing Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry’s take on the music video.

It also helps that the song is absolutely brilliant too.


EDIT: Paul has kindly posted a “Making of video” in the comments below. Thanks Paul.

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      Alan Travers

      Thanks Paul. Great video. The panning panorama is especially impressive. All done in After Effects?

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